The Company

The company Vitivinicola BARBERO‘S winery, owned by Piero and Stefano Barbero, seats in Canale, the heart of the Roero zone, a territory located to the left of the Tanaro river and famous for its quality grapes.

Among the oldest wineries of the zone, Barbero‘s winery was founded around the 50‘s by SECONDO BARBERO, father and grandfather of the present owners, respectively. He laid the basis for a family owned business that aims at creating pure products in the respect of tradition. And this is the trait that has remained unchanged through the time: even today, having reached the third generation, the winery keeps its original small-medium size and a relatively small production. In fact, part of the grapes are grown in the winery’s vineyards and others are bought following an attentive selection and respecting the family principle that “only small quantity generates good quality”.

Piero and Stefano devote to the whole production process from taking care of the vineyards to the varied and complex phases of the vinification up to the bottling process.